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Alex Hopkins, known by her stage name Bunny Hops, is a DJ, producer, and vibe curator based in Banff, Canada.

A lover of all things house, she seamlessly navigates sub-genres to bring the perfect vibe for the space and the crowd. Her sets are filled with intention, blending bass-forward sounds of all kinds to keep the dance floor moving. She regularly includes disco, funk, soul, breaks, techno, UKG, and various other bass-genres in her selections. Every space, venue, and crowd is its own unique experience. 

Hops is committed to growing the electronic music scene within the Bow Valley, and has quickly made a name for herself from Western Alberta through Revelstoke. In 2024 she began running a semi-regular open decks event in Banff, aimed at fostering new and up and coming talent in the community.


She is excited to share her passion and continue to grow as an artist. As a member of the Cosmic Academy alumni, Hops is producing regularly and looks forward to releasing her own music in the near future.

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